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Interlocking Bricks Machine take us to a new revolution in the making technology of soil bricks enhanced with high quality (Interlocking Bricks). It consists of the mixing of red soil, yellow soil, sand and cement including waterproof and mixed strange with 15 up to 30 ton of strength pressure. These conditions will produce strong and high quality of bricks


Concrete Brick Machine is hydraulically operated and uses vibration and hydraulic compaction to form cement bricks, sand bricks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks and interlocking pavers. It is completed with sand hopper, gravel hopper, belt conveyors, pan mixer, automatic pallet feeder, hydraulic control unit, hydraulic operation handles, roller conveyor and trolleys. Mold for various sizes and designs of bricks.


Terracotta roofs are designed to stand out under varying weather conditions. Besides being fireproof, Terracotta for roofing is UV and frost resistance. The materials used are noncorrosive and do not fade. Terracotta also allows minimal thermal conductivity thus enhancing summer comfort. An extensive range of Terracotta roofs is available to meet your imagination and desired aesthetics. Advancement in roofing technology has promoted creativity and versatility in roofing.

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