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we just launched our new fully automatic machine is heavy duty and more powerful.
The production two brick per cycle. The machine can operate 6-7 hour non-stop.
This machine can make 480 brick per hour with the fully automatic system also can operate by manually.


Safido Worldwide Sdn Bhd take us to a new revolution in the making technology of soil brick enhanced with high quality ( Interlocking Brick ). It consists of the mixing of red soil, yellow soil, sand and cement including waterproof and mixed strange with 15 up to 30 ton of strength pressure. Besides, that’s Safido Worldwide Sdn Bhd using electric motor Mitsubishi from Japan and hydraulic pump from Italy. Safido Worldwide Sdn Bhd also using high quality of steel and CLC to make a mould of interlocking bricks. Our machine is very easy to be maintained and heavy-duty, it proved when Safido machine has exported to the world, especially Africa, Australia and Asia. Moreover, Safido Worldwide Sdn Bhd is working with a company Tecston from Madagascar to sell a brick machine for our company. For all African and European region. These conditions will produce a strong and high quality of bricks. There are several advantages of using bricks from SIBM to build a house. One of the advantages is to save cost for construction up 30% because it does not need the framework such as wood and plywood. It’s free from the work such as plaster, lesser the usage of cement, metal and paint and also quickens the contruction process to build a house.

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